Your Black Hills Fiber Connection

Fall River Fibers 


"Earth Stripes"
Saddle Blanket if folded in half and rug if fully extended. 100% made-in-the-USA wool and yarn for weft and warp. Beautiful earth tones as found in the Black Hills in fall. Handwoven. Hand finished with twined edge.                    Approximate size is 36" X 72"            $480 US    ​

​"Native Paths"

Hand woven saddle blanket or rug in traditional design of red, grey, black and white USA produced wool weft and warp. Maori edge finish.   Approximately 32"X 36"    $340 US                                                            ​

"West Meets East"

Hand woven triangular shawl of bison/wool blend and reclaimed sari silk yarns. This shawl is light and wearable with a nice drape. Natural rustic earth tones in rust, gold and earthen grey-blue with the soft shimmer of silk.               Approximately 7'X7'                   SOLD                                                             ​

"Mantle of Tatanka"

Hand woven triangular shawl of hand spun and mill spun bison fiber and bison/wool blend. Adorned with antler medallions, glass trade beads, tin jingles and deer claws. This shawl is wearable, but contains some coarse fibers.       Approximately 5'X5'              SOLD    ​

"Floating Linen"

Hand woven throw of shimmering Belgian linen in Monks belt hand sewn to black Kidasian fleece.   Approximate size is 24" X 48"                                                                                    SOLD    ​

"Buffalo Stripe Organic Flow"
Handwoven Monks Belt of bison, Sulfolk/alpaca,Shetland, cotton, & linen hand sewn onto an Hungarian merino lamb's fleece retaining the original shape of the sheep.

                                                       Approximate size 24" X 32"             $380 US 

"Lazuli's Bison"
Saddle Blanket if folded in half and rug if fully extended. 100% made-in-the-USA wool and bison/alpaca blend yarn for weft and warp. Beautiful blue, sand and cream colors are reminiscent of the bunting found sharing the Black Hills with the Bison. Handwoven. Hand finished with tight braided/darned edge. Approximate size is 36" X 72"            $480 US    ​

"Baa Baa Bison" 
is a handwoven Smålandsväv using only bison blend yarn for the pattern weft. It is hand sewn on Kalgan lamb fleece.
Approximately 24" X 48"                           $540 US   

"Black Hills Summer" 

Rich earth tone prairie rust and bison brown heathers livened up by pine, sage, yellow and mallow orange to reflect summer in the Black Hills. This handwoven wool Smålandsväv is hand sewn to Tibetan fleece. Approximately 24"X 48"                        SOLD

These luxurious one of a kind items are handwoven in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

"Native Traditions"
Handwoven soft wool Smålandsväv throw using traditional black, cream and crimson red. 
Hand sewn to black pearl fleece.
 Approximate size 24"X 48"             $420 US 

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Old Meets New in "Return of the Bison" Collection-

Terry's most recent weaving interests combine old world techniques with a twist on color and fiber content. The traditional fleece throws of Scandinavia were used to keep young and old warm and comfortable when travelling in prams or horse sleighs and when sleeping. Here, in her current "Return of the Bison" collection, She has woven in the Smålandsväv technique using US wool and bison blend yarns for the pattern weft with fine Swedish cotton warp and ground weft. The handwoven pieces are then hand sewn on a variety of luxury fleeces. Price listed includes shipping within the continental US.