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Magnus Drudik wheel, lovingly used and cared for, in excellent condition. Original handcrafted upright spinning wheel made from Oregon Myrtle wood with matching lazy kate, 4 bobbins, and orifice hook (also extra original drive band). Gold colored/brass plaque on the side of the wheel is inscribed: Handcrafted by Magnus Drudik, #319, 2005, Oregon. I will include several note cards, instructions and items written by Magnus concerning the wheel. I am the original owner and waited nearly three years for this wheel. Currently, I believe there is a six year wait for a new wheel, now made by Tom Livernois.

If you do not want to wait and would like an original Magnus Drudik wheel you may be interested in this beauty. I am asking $6,000. I would prefer to have the wheel picked up in Hot Springs, SD (in the beautiful Black Hills, a vacation destination) however, I am willing to pack this spinning wheel in the original shipping box provided by Magnus and ship UPS with insurance at buyer's expense or possibly meet in Denver, CO or Sioux Falls, SD.

The 25” wheel spins smoothly and the flyer can be easily moved from left to center to right to accommodate every spinner. The Drudik wheel is unique in that it features an arm holding the “mother of all” that can be positioned 180 degrees of range allowing it to be used by left handed or right handed drafter, or put in castle (center) position. One of Magnus' hand-written note cards says the ratios of this wheel are as follows; 1 to 5.45, 6.5,8.25,11, 17, and 31.​

The removal of the flyer is independent of the tensioning system, meaning you can take off the bobbin without effecting the tension. Sealed bearings makes for easy maintenance and smooth action. The foot treadles are wide and sturdy thus reducing fatigue and will accommodate any size foot.

In one of his notes, which speaks to the fantastic balance and rhythm of the wheel, Magnus wrote, “My goal was, to put as match gravity into the wheel as I can, to give momentum to the wheel and to create a steady rotation..........Like the Tibetan Meditation Wheel it will take away tension and distraction and give you composure for the whole day and thereafter. This is truly like a big Gyroscope from which you can transfer balance and well being. Magnus”

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