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Hand woven in a grey body with blue/white ends this "up-cycl​ed" selvedge rug of cotton rayon
blend  on a linen warp.
 Approximate size is 28" X 38"                                                                           SOLD                                                                                                     ​

Hot Pink and White bedazzler rug woven of "up-cycled" poly/cotton t-shirt selvedge and linen. Ready to brighten up a special room. Approximately 27" X 40"                                               $50 US   

 This rug is made of "up-cycled" cotton, rayon selvedge weft on a linen warp. Rich golden browns and warm tan stripes give it a "tiger" pattern. Approximately 28"X 35"                               $65 US​  

This hand woven rug is a super shag that feels great under foot and is made of 
"up-cycled" cotton selvedge materials and linen warp. It has shades of muted oranges, 
tans and golds with grey undertones. 
Approximate size 28" X 39"                                    $65 US 

These practical one of a kind rag rugs are handwoven in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

"This rug is made of "up-cycled" cotton, rayon and chenille selvedge weft on a linen warp. It is beautiful blues and teals striped with golden tans. Approximate size 28"X 39"             SOLD

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Rag Rugs -

These rugs have been hand woven on a foot powered loom. They have linen or cotton warp and a variety of denim, t-shirt, fabric selvedge, and recycled clothing rags for weft. Unless otherwise noted, they have a twisted or braided and knotted fringe.Measurements shown are the rug body without the fringe.