Your Black Hills Fiber Connection

Fall River Fibers 


Are you interested in having a warp wound like one you saw in a pattern but don't want the leftovers? Contact me. I'll look at your pattern and give you a project quote then, get the materials, wind the warp and send you a customized kit. No leftovers. No winding. Nice warp!

Warp and weft are kept in-stock at Fall River Fibers.  

Several sizes of linen, cotton, poly-cotton, and seine round out the warp yarns.

Now available in 6-8 oz cones in a wide variety of color and neutrals

*shimmering 9/2 linen from France

*22/2 Swedish or 8/2 Belgian cottolin

*cotton come in an array of neutrals and colors available in 8/2 and 16/2 

*mercerized (pearl) cotton in 5/2, 8/2, 16/2 and 20/2 

8/2 hemp/cotton

Mill end cones in cotton and rayon are available but being closed out. Remaining cones are selling at $7.50 a pound for full cone.

Quality weaving kits with pre-measured warp for towels and blankets in Swedish cottolin and cotton are ready to send to your home.